Born in Kuala Lumpur, Sylvia Ong is a contemporary artist based in Dubai, UAE. She was a producer and independent filmmaker before abstract art charmed her into creating loose and free visualisations that blend her innermost feelings with the things around her. Applying bold brush strokes and painting with layers of colours, there is a sense of the intangible and the personal making its way onto the canvas, to be interpreted in its own way by the viewer’s eye.


Largely influenced by her day-to-day experiences, Sylvia has learnt to appreciate the beauty of life’s surprises. It is this unexpectedness of life that projects itself into her work – some of her paintings might change forms or styles drastically in the middle of its creation, revealing a different story altogether. Casting away the rules has allowed her to create work that is beyond boundaries, capturing a raw fearlessness that is also delicate and feminine.


Sylvia’s journey as an artist is nowhere near finished. From her solo exhibition, La Fête, she is still very much about exploring and going with the flow, and her identity as an artist is still developing. Yet, with the new stories she has to tell, there is the sense of a “center” from which her works are starting to flow from. Only time will tell where she’ll be exploring next.


Sylvia is currently works at her private studio in Dubai. Be sure to follow Sylvia on instagram for continious updates.

by Krsytle Morais

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