Born in Kuala Lumpur, Sylvia Ong is a contemporary artist based in Dubai, UAE. She was a producer and independent filmmaker before abstract art charmed her into creating loose and free visualisations that blend her innermost feelings with the things around her. Applying bold brush strokes and painting with layers of colors, there is a sense of the intangible and the personal making its way onto the canvas, to be interpreted in its own way by the viewer’s eye.


In the last couple of years, Sylvia has gone from layered strokes in her first solo exhibition, La Fête, to energetic interpretations of emotions around the home in La Maison, and now, she has finally arrived at How Happy Are The Flowers, her latest collection, of which Volume 2 is currently being produced. This time, she allows the sound waves, frequencies, and rich textures from plants and nature to guide her hand and almost spill onto the canvas with subtlety yet boldness.


As with much of her work, Sylvia still believes in producing meaningful conversations between viewer and canvas without creating too much structure, preferring instead a more fluid storytelling form. This is evident in her latest collection, and is truly becoming part of Sylvia’s identity as an artist. Over time, she has continuously invited us to clear our minds and allow her pieces to take us on a journey, not so much to arrive at a destination, but simply to just let ourselves take off.


Sylvia currently works at her private studio in Dubai. Do follow her on Instagram for the latest updates.

by Krystle Morias 

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