How Happy Are The Flowers (Vol 2)


If your plant could speak, what would it say to you? Would it share in your daily pleasures? Would it speak to you with kind words? Or would it give colour to an otherwise plain day? 


That’s what Volume 2 of How Happy are the Flowers hopes to explore with its largely formless and shapeless textures and patterns. To view this collection is an exercise in emptying your mind, of temporarily putting aside the chaotic sounds of the world, and simply listening - not just with your ears, but with your whole being. It invites you to release all forms of control, and let yourself engage in a moving conversation with Nature.


This latest collection from artist Sylvia Ong uses sound waves and frequencies transmitted from plants to inspire the colours and patterns that ultimately make it onto her canvas. Each piece might contain subtle markings that hark back to the original subject, either a bonsai on the balcony or a garden in full bloom. There are even contrasting colours that often produce a jarring emotional effect that might leave one pondering a moment or two longer than they normally would.


How Happy are the Flowers Vol 2 is a quiet study on our individual connection with our natural surroundings. While there is no outward call-to-action to take a stand for the environment, it does draw our attention to certain environmental themes, in the hopes that one might spare a thought for Mother Nature and all her musings.

Desert Plant
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