La Maison


William Shakespeare once said, people usually are the happiest at home. La Maison is a reminder that this isn’t necessarily true all the time. far from being idyllic, the home is where a torrential of emotions takes place, such as anger and vulnerability, fear and heartbreak, chaos and quiet. but where there is bad, there must also be good. laughter and joy, tenderness and devotion are part of this mix, and La Maison aims to explore these unrestricted feelings connected with the home, loose and free-flowing, going far beyond a physical space.


It’s clear that La Maison isn’t about painting a picture of the perfect home. It brings stories onto the canvas, stories that flow from the artist’s own experiences and that of those around her. the viewers then bring their own interpretations to the canvas, and new meanings are formed. It is ironic that a theme usually thought of as a confined physical space could be the background against which an assortment of conflicting narratives can be explored. What’s even more interesting is that these narratives often don’t have to be searched for, they come on their own.


For the artist, the act of painting itself is an experimental and even therapeutic process. She explores with different materials around the home, creating a myriad of colour combinations, applying layer after layer until the composition feels naturally right, much like how a home is decorated and built, one item at a time. In a sense, much like in her previous solo exhibition, the destination itself is quite unknown at the start, and it’s the case of going with what feels right, until the painting’s true form is finally arrived at.

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