A biorhythm sound from a 20 year old bonsai which translate into it colors

Does the Earth sing? 

Does our brain sing? 

Does our plant sing? 

Yes! You are right. As you may already know, every living existence has its own frequencies.

Wavelength = Speed of Light / Frequency

The video above is about the sound and color of a 20-year-old Golden Dew Bonsai, for which the sound was recorded by using Plantwave device. The sound frequencies were then converted into light/color frequencies via a sound and music visualisation apps.  

Beautiful isn't it? 

A pouring technique is used to create layer by layer using the gravity to let the paint flows on its own. She washed the paint, and using paint brush to make the marking and most of the time, the subtle wave graph appears by itself after it dries like the nature of sound itself. The final works are raw and the simplicity does give you a sense of calmness.

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