How Happy Are The Flowers (Vol 1)

Many believe that to gain peace of mind, is to stay close to nature’s heart. Whether it’s a walk in the woods, taking in the smell of fresh grass, or letting the sunlight bathe in your hair, there is no doubt that connecting with nature is the purest form of human pleasures. It’s the perfect remedy for our troubled hearts, as flowers and foliage have neither emotions nor conflicts. They provide a blank canvas for us to release our own feelings onto, so we may be free of them – if only for a little while.


That is the central theme of How Happy Are The Flowers. Exploring the therapeutic process of being one with nature, this series invites viewers to form a personal connection between themselves and the peace that springs from a perfectly sunlit evening spent among hydrangeas and herbs. 


What it doesn’t do is paint a perfect picture of nature. How could it, if she herself is imperfect? As much as it highlights its beauty, this series explores its flaws. This can be seen through the unintentional blots and stains or uneven brushstrokes present in several pieces, an ode to nature’s true form.


The artist, deeply inspired by nature’s wondrous hand, and her recent experiences in the French countryside during a period of transition, incorporates techniques such as dripping, splattering and scraping to create textures and play with compositions. Bright and dark tones dance together on the canvas, the way different flowers may intertwine with one another, creating a contrast that somehow complements each other. Each painting aims to achieve a balance that speaks to our dependence on nature, and of course, convey the ever important reminder that when you’re surrounded by nature, you should allow yourself to take a moment’s pause and simply be.

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